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Custom HTV Transfers

Custom HTV Transfers

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You will receive HTV Printout ready to be pressed, mask is already placed.

*This print is printed on PRINTABLE HEAT TRANSFER VINYL
*Please ensure your HTV Printout sizing is correctly chosen upon purchase 
-standard size is 10" wide (use by most), 11" wide are perfect for desire large images or bigger shirts, and 8" are perfect for kids shirts. 
*HTV Printouts are based on width.
*HTV Printout is recommended to be press on with a HEAT PRESS. We do not recommend using iron.
*Not responsible for any damage HTV prints caused by incorrect handling pressing.
*Semi-gloss finish
*Don’t spray chemicals on transfers

Washing Instructions:

Wash inside out
Machine wash on Cold
Do not Dry Clean
Do not IRON
Softener not recommended
Wait 24 hour after press to wash
Low Dry

* Preheat Press to 320°

* Remove paper backing gently from your HTV Print

* Remove any lint from your T-Shirt with a with lint roller

* Place your HTV Print design onto shirt, sticky area touches shirt

* Cover design completely with Teflon sheet or parchment paper

* Press with medium pressure for 15 seconds

* Wait 5 seconds and peel warm

* Seal press design 10-15 seconds placing Teflon sheet on top or parchment paper.
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